Rally for Public Education

Respect public education. That was the message a dozen local speakers shared to a packed house including Sen. Seward and Assemblyman Lopez on March 12. Public education is a cornerstone of our communities and democracy. Gov. Cuomo's gimmicks disguised as reforms will hurt public schools by taking away local control, under funding, and over testing. We were able to hear how to best support public education from professional educators, parents, and students themselves.


C-RHS Wins an Award

Cobleskill-Richmondville High School has been recognized as one of the best schools in the United States by US News and World Report in 2014. C-RHS qualifies for this honor because of above average scores on Regents exams in combination with above average poverty levels, 35%. Students earned a 96% proficiency in English and a 98% proficiency in math. The percentage of disadvantaged students who were proficient was 93.5%. This was less than a 5% gap between students who were economically disadvantaged and students who were not.


Mr. Fitz - Education comic strip

Mr. Fitz is terrific. OK, full disclosure. David Finkle is an old friend and grew up in Round Lake. Now he is an English teacher in Florida. I bet most of us can identify with his strips.



VOTE-COPE 2013-14

Thank you for another successful VOTE-COPE drive!  During the 2013-14 school year we collected $2333 from 46 members for VOTE-COPE.  That is an increase of almost $100 over last year.  Congratulations!  This year we are stepping it up to over $2700 just in payroll deduction.  $3000 here we come.